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What the parents think 

"The staff have an amazing relationship with the children. Staff have always been helpful and approachable, we have always felt welcome. The staff always go the extra mile to ensure the children are happy"

S. Rignall-Howie July 2016

"The nursery is really well structured and organised with excellent staff. Ratio of staff to children is great"

G. Norris July 0216

"It has a lovely feel to the place. There are so many things for the children to play with and they obviously enjoy themselves, but there is also disciplne too. My daughter enjoyed it so much she demanded to go all day on a Friday instead of just the morning!"

J. Carradice July 2016

"It is obvious that there is a lot of thought and preparation at every session. There are always new things to try/experience - it keeps the children stimulated and interested in new topics. The best way to learn!"

N. Ord july 2016

"Going from strength to strength and the nursery is always trying to improve - hard to do!"

C. Innes July 2016

"Staff are fantastic at informing parents about everything that involves nursery and children"

D. Gregory July 2016

"A wonderful nursery. both our girls have had a great time with you and you've had a huge impact on their confidence and self-esteem"

G. Davison July 2016

"I feel that I have always been informed about what my son has done and the proress he has made"

D. Jude July 2016

"I believe the staff watched the children to see what they could achieve in different things and helped them with the things they were less confident in, helping them to become the best they could be"

J. Thompson July 2016

"The strengths of the nursery are that all of the teachers genuinely care and make me, as a parent, feel happy and relaxed to leave my child there for a full day. There is always a variety of activities for the children to enjoy and explore"

N. Ramsay July 2016

"Attentive, caring and experienced teaching staff coupled with fantastic facilities and a colourful nursery curriculum"

K. Parkin July 2016

" Staff are friendly and approachable. Parents are kept up to date"

N. Hardy July 2015

"The nursery is a friendly, caring and nurturing environment that teaches the children so many things. The staff are so approachable and I have never felt that my child would not be looked after exactly how I would want her to be"

C. Kirkland July 2015

"If Bright Sparks could bottle its formula, nursery education would be outstanding throughout the country"

D. Jones July 2015

"The relationships staff have with parents and children are fantastic. Parents and children feel cared for, respected, valued, welcome. There is a sense of warmth and genuine affection which I really like and appreciate"

R. Hurst July 2015

"The environment is so well adapted for children - they have a vast range of play equipment to encourage learning and social interaction. There is also structure and boundaries which help the children learn. my child has grown in confidence and learnt new things daily"

S. Rignall-Howie July 2015

"The nursery is run very well with very friendly and experienced staff"

D. Jude July 2015

"It is quite clear that the staff genuinely care for the children. The facilities and equipment are fantastic"

G. Musgrove July 2015

"I always feel welcome and appreciate the openess between staff and parents"

K. Martinez July 2015

"The nursery seems to have the balance exactly right between learning and play, and very clever learning through play"

H. Graham July 2015

"Always feel welcome by staff...... if I had any concerns I would not be scared to ask anything"

C. Innes July 2015

"The staff have such an interest in each individual child and quickly figure out how to engage them. Staff often initiate chats about what the children have done or said that day. They talk with insight and affection"

E. Galena July 2015

"The staff are great and work great as a team"

G. Gingell July 2015

"I think the main strengths are how well the staff know and understand each child as an individual, the wide range of activities, the fact that the children are taught about good behaviour and just the general atmosphere which is happy and friendly"

H. Greenwood    July 2014

"I love to see the range of activities every day and the interaction from the staff"

L. Atkinson    July 2014

"Staff are very friendly and accomodating. I have always been made to feel welcome along with all other members of the family who drop off / pick up my child"

M Beer    July 2014

"Caring relationships with a focus on lots of learning experiences, fun and enjoyment. Great outdoor / indoor facilities"

K. Duggins    July 2014

"Calm, friendly environment for children and parents. I've felt the nursery has the individual needs of each child as a priority."

S. Parker    July 2014

"The nursery is a secure safe place for the children to learn, with friendly staff. I've enjoyed looking at my child's developmental records and know she's doing well"

L. Spoors    July 2014

"The main strengths are the lovely members of staff who work there. Always very happy and make the children feel cared for. I feel very welcome at the nursery and feel that if there was ever a problem I could talk to the staff and feel very comfortable"

L. Edwards    July 2014

"My child has thoroughly enjoyed his time at Bright Sparks and has learnt so much. We could not have asked for a better start in his school life. I have always been made to feel very welcome and supported as a parent. I am sure we will miss Bright Sparks hugely"

A. Haq    July 2014

"The nursery has an ideal environment, both inside and outdoors, but the main strength has to be the staff - qualified, experienced and supportive as well as incredibly caring"

A. Stokoe    July 2013

"I like how the kids learn through their play by doing a lot of different activities. They get to experience imaginative play both indoors and outdoors"

N. French    July 2013

"The staff are amazing with the children and my child looks forward to every day he goes to Bright Sparks. I always feel welcome in nursery and also feel comfortable approaching staff should I have a concern or issue to discuss / make them aware of"

G. Cameron    July 2013

"Caring staff, genuinely interested in the children and their individual needs. Very good discipline whilst providing a safe, relaxing environment for the children"

J. Parker    July 2013

"From being a very shy little boy who barely spoke to adults he is now confident, chatty and friendly. That is all because he felt safe and nurtured. He was encouraged and understood and he has had a fantastic time.

The detailed planning that ensures the children experience an amazing range of fun, educational activities, tailored to their needs and interests is very impressive indeed!"

S. Dixon   July 2013

"Bright Sparks is a fantastic nursery. You should all be very proud of the work that you do and the care you provide. You treat each child as an individual and bring out the best in them"

V. Clark    July 2013

"I have been kept up to date with my child's progress and the teachers always tell me what she has been up to that day which I love to hear about. I love reading and looking through my child's file throughout the year to see what kind of things she has been doing"

L. Brown    July 2013

"Quite simply the strengths are the staff! The new building and outdoor play areas are also a huge strength but the dedication of the staff is the biggest draw"

J. Wilkinson    July 2013

"The staff have very good relationships with the children. I think the nursery is run to perfection - this shows in how happy the children are"

C. French    July 2013

"I liked the fact that I could go in and see his records and progress and the teachers will always make time to speak to you"

S. Blunt    July 2013

"Bright Sparks is very organised with a lovely caring attitude towards all the children. I like the idea of my child being in a caring but disciplined environment"

V. Murray    July 2013

"The staff relationships are just as they should be, really caring and attentive towards the children, and I have always felt more than welcome. Bright Sparks is an outstanding nursery and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anybody"

J. Orkney    July 2013




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